The church meets every Sunday at 9:00 am to 12:00 noon to have its regular Sunday service. The youth of the Church get up early in the morning to sweep the ground, pitch up tents, set up Chairs, stage, Carpets, sound system, and many other necessary things for the worship service Sometimes the church service starts late because these preparations take time.It is difficult to conduct church activities at an open and permanent place. The city of Lahore where our church is located always have long and extremely hot summers, dry and very cold winters, heavy rain falls during the monsoon and dust storms throughout the year. During the months of May, June and July, the temperature soars to 40–48 °C (104–118 °F). Last year, the maximum temperature in May was 48.3 °C (118.9 °F) while in June it was 48 °C (118 °F). In such extreme weather conditions it’s difficult for the people to sit in an open place. It is also a challenge to arrange large number of fans for a congregation of almost 1,000 people. It is hard to conduct any service in

a public park in such extreme weather. from June to the end of August, the monsoon showers heavy rainfall throughout the city.So when rain comes the church stop its service because rain makes people, tents, Bibles, books, music instruments wet that can harm to our sound system and electric instruments.In the winter when the weather is cold it is again very hard for people to sit in an open place, during the fogy season it is the real test. Since people come from different places to worship with us on Sunday Services it is unfair to make them sit in an open place, we want to give them a proper place where they can feel secure and comfortable in all kinds of weather. There have been times when we were compelled to cancel some of our Church services because of the severe weather conditions, like heavy rains in the season of Monson, high temperature in summer, severe cold and fog in winter. We are in desperate need of a proper Church Building.


As we know taht the law and order situation in Pakistan is very poor in these days. and it could easily be known through the international Media. That is why the Government of Pakistan is trying to provide reasonable security to all the worship places including churches. At the start of this year a local police officer came to our office and asked us to move our Sunday service at a place which is covered with four walls due to security reasons, but unfortunately we don’t have proper Auditorium for our services. So it is indeed a great risk to hold church service in a Public Park. The security problem has caused many people to avoid from attending our services, women are reluctant to send their children to services, and they themselves don’t feel comfortable and secure enough to come to such an open place.